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About Us

Hello I'm Carrie

I'm a fun loving mama of two sweetie babies! I strongly believe in the importance of play. I really enjoy setting up simple sensory activities, crafts, or arranging their toys in a special way as an invitation to play.  I love watching them get lost in play. Our children are ages 4 and 2 and we rarely leave the house without small creatures in our pockets for them. They have always loved setting up little worlds- combining play dough with loose parts has only made this even more fun for them!

I started making play dough kits for my own kids for something special to do while away on vacation when everyone needs some down time, for rainy days, visits with family away from home, and even in restaurants. I was always a bit amazed by how engaged they were with their kits. I started to make play dough kits for our little friends' birthdays. What I have absolutely loved most about making imagination play dough kits is when the parents would send me happy text messages with pictures of happy kids busy playing and creating!  Heart Full. It felt so good to share what my kids loved playing, with the other kids in our life.  

I started selling playdough kits here on simplytoplay with our organic playdough - they were a big hit! However, in the spring of 2020 we experienced supply issues with our organic ingredients, we paused playdough and focused on keeping up with demand of our sensory bin tool kits. Given the demand we are now focused on wooden sensory bin tools and ship everything from our home in NH. 


Carrie Jumping