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The Dough

What makes your play dough different?

What are the ingredients?

What coloring do you use?

Will the colors fade?

Why organic play dough?

Are the jars plastic or glass, recycable?

How big are the play dough jars?

How long will the play dough last?

How do I keep my play dough fresh?

Is the play dough edible?

My child has allergies, can they still play with it?

Are instructions provided?

Help! All of the loose parts are covered in play dough, what is the best way to clean them off?

What age are the kits intended for?

Gift Orders

Can you gift wrap my order?

Can you personalize a greeting card for me?

Do you sell gift cards?


How long does it take to ship my order?

How fast will my order arrive?

When will I be notified when my shipment is sent?

Do you offer free shipping?

Do you offer international shipping?

How can I see the status of my order?